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Number manufacturing installation of sterilization


Number manufacturing installation of sterilization


  • Massive Amount- 500 liters are produced per hour, which can be used freely like tap water.
  • Affordable- Production is manageable with low expenses. There are no high repair costs like other sanitizer equipment.
  • Convenient- Its one-touch screen system makes it easy to use for everyone. It is easy to install due to its compact design and ready to use just by connecting to any faucet.
  • Stability- Safe to use as the liquid is not irritating and does not chap hands.
  • Environmentally Safe- There is no requirement of waste water disposal as the liquid naturally changes to water after a time period. It also removes odor from sources such as sewers, providing a sanitized working environment.


  • Appropriate for direct sanitation and pasteurization of foods such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat within public cafeterias (schools, hospitals, corporate buildings, etc.), food factories, and public reception areas, in purpose of prevention of food poisoning and sanitation regulations of HACCP.
  • There are no financial disadvantages due to extremely affordable production. The equipment is compact with a touch-type control system, making it easy to install and control, and safe to the work environment and human body.
  • The sanitize is nontoxic, does not irritate or harm open skin, and is harmless when accidentally consumed, making this the most typical 3rd sanitize to the HACCP Sanitation Program.
  • When installing a storage tank(option), the sanitize liquid can be stored and used when needed.